Statement of Values       


Imports Unlimited, LLC holds that the value of the company is not measured by dollars but by the respect of the customers and the community.  Therefore we believe that our actions and the way we conduct our business speaks louder than anything else we do.  Therefore, we promise to treat each and every customer as if that customer was our only customer.  We promise that we will handle every order and transaction fairly and use every possible effort to give the customer total satisfaction.

 Nutrition/Hunger Relief


Imports pledges to donate 5% of it gross revenues in nutritious fruit pulp and juices to various regions of the world where hunger and malnutrition exist.  Imports will place first priority on the regions where the company operates its farms and processing plants.


Imports will then work with religious and other organizations for the distribution of products to other areas of the world.


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  Undernourished People







Imports Unlimited, LLC will conduct on-going research on the nutrient content of fruits and plants that show promise for valuable food products.  Imports will integrate new fruits and mixtures of fruits for maximum nutrient value in product presentation to the public.


At the present time Imports is working with a plant that has many value benefits.  In addition to a fruit juice drink with high nutritional content, the plant has value as food, livestock feed, personal hygiene, medicinal, and energy production from the natural oil (bio-fuel) that can be pressed from the fruit.



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