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Our currently available selection of fruit flavors are listed in the Company Catalog and is subject to change.

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   Blackberry Guava Lemon,

   Mango Orange,   Pineapple,

   Passion Fruit Lulo Papaya,

   Strawberry Tree Tomato,

   Sour Sop Tangerine


Product Labeling


Import Unlimited markets its products under two different in-house labels,


Fruit n' Juice & Colpulpas.


Custom private labeling is available for Distributor Partners and Multi-Location Volume Partners.



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featured PRODUCTS

While all of our products are featured products, we would like to draw your attention to the Lulo Fruit pulp and juice flavor.

The Lulo fruit is an extremely popular fruit and beverage ingredient in Colombia. Currently, the fruit is not as well know as Goji, but with South American tastes and aromas continuing to influence the U.S. market, it is only a matter of time before it becomes widely recognized.


The light-green, jelly-like juicy flesh of the Lulo is aromatic and has a taste similar to pineapple or lemon. It is particularly healthy and contains calcium, phosphorous and iron in addition to vitamins B and C and vitamin A.



With more and more focus on good health and the cost of disease and illness in today’s economy, the search for ways to keep healthy are getting a lot of attention. 


There are, as may different products and potions claiming the magic cure for everything from cancer to hangnails, as there are people trying to make a buck from the well intentioned. 


The research that is on-going in what the facts are about what are the building blocks for a healthy body are consistently coming up with the answer that points to a good diet of fruit and vegetables.  While the research is getting good results, the understanding of what is in the fruit and vegetables that causes good health is still lacking.  The real hero is the soil that the fruit and vegetables are grown in. 


The fruits from the rainforests have been grown in the best soil in the world for the nutrients in the soil.  This is where Imports gets the fruits that we distribute.  The fruit has the purest and highest levels of nutrients and minerals of all sources of fruits in the world.

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