Imports Unlimited has it's own house label, Fruit n' Juice.  The Fruit n' Juice label applies to both the Pulp products and the Juice drink products.  Imports also distributes our Joint Venture Partner's label Colpulpas.  These products are sold through Imports Unlimited worldwide distribution of distributors and dealers.

The Imports Fruit n' Juice label and the Copulpas label will be sold in packaging that will not compete with any private labeling of our large quantity Distributor Partners.  Imports also will not distribute the Fruit n' Juice or the Copulpas labels in any territory that is an exclusive territory of one of our Distributor Partners unless that Partner is contracted to distribute the Imports labels.  The differences in product presentation can be in product label, language, package sizing, and product flavors.  The main goal is to make sure that the consumer marketing by Imports does not reduce the sales of our  Distributor Partners.

Imports will work to bring special blends and flavors to market with custom labeling for our large quantity customers.  Under specific contract terms, Imports will withdraw certain products for exclusive distribution by our large quantity Distributor Partners.

Imports is always in the process of developing of new fruit products and other nutrition and health based food products.  They will most likely appear on the market under the Fruit n' Juice label or our Joint Venture Partner Copulpas label.


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