who we are

Imports Unlimited, LLC is an imports and exports company.  The primary products at the present time are fruits and fruit products.  The vision of the company is to help provide products that bring good health and nutrition to the consumers of our products.  We believe that we can run a profitable company without harming the customers or environment.

We at Imports Unlimited believe that we have the right to operate a business for a profit.  We also believe that we have an equal responsibility to run our business to the benefit of our families, our neighbors, our country, and our customers.  In short, we believe that we can make a difference in the quality of life for everyone in the world.



company profile

Imports Unlimited, LLC started business in 2007 with the idea of importing consumer electronics and entertainment products.  The idea grew with the realization that the fruit products opportunity provided a better venue for giving back to the people a measure of our success.

The founder of Imports has long been involved in nutrition and health related products and this opportunity to find and distribute the best nutritional foods was the perfect answer to a dream of helping people.

At the present time the company has just finished the organization of a joint venture operation with its trading and marketing partner, Pulpas y Pulpas, in Colombia.  The new company, Colombia-United States Fruit Products, LLC (CO-US Fruit Products), will be headquartered in Belize, Central America. 

This partnership will give Imports the strength of supply reliability and product quality.  The alliance will have great benefit for our customers, our employees, and direct benefit for the economies of the US, Colombia, Belize, and in other operating locations of CO-US Fruit Products.

what we offer

We promise top quality fruit products with the best available nutrition and at the lowest possible prices.  We offer the widest variety of fruits and certain fruits that have been long recognized for their health and healing properties.
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