Undernourished People Program


All nations have segments of their population that could be helped with the provision of foods that have nutritional benefit instead of just filling the stomach.  Even in the United States there are undernourished people.


Imports Unlimited will address the problem of undernourishment by working with existing charities and other organizations that are actively engaged in the distribution of food products to people.  We are not competing with the other organizations, only trying to provide additional products that offer nutrition instead just of stomach fillers.


Where we can directly provide help to people through our own programs we will underwrite the costs for the distribution of our fresh fruit products.  We will look for opportunities to help people in the areas where we conduct our operations first and then expand out from there.


We will contribute up to 5% of our gross revenues in the equivalency in our fresh fruit products to people who are hungry and need good nutrition.  Of course we can’t provide this help to all people in all countries at the same time so we will be prioritizing what we can do and that will do the most good.


We will help organizations that are providing services to people like orphanages, homeless shelters, church humanitarian projects, soup kitchens, and others.  We will attempt to work with the social services of countries where there are large amounts of people who would benefit from our program.  There are many private organizations that are providing services to people who would benefit greatly from our products.

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