Safe Working Conditions


There are many companies who believe that their profits go up when they cut back on safe working conditions and procedures, and by not replacing defective equipment.  They believe that lower costs of operations make for profitable operations.


The truth is that where there is cutting back, the operational costs go up.  This effect is caused by many things including high training costs for replacement personnel, lost time on the production line, low moral and consequentially low production, high maintenance costs of production equipment because of lack of care by employees, and many other considerations.


Imports Unlimited will employ all means available to support the workers in safe working conditions.  All employees will have complete training on any equipment used in the assigned jobs and will be thoroughly trained on safe working procedures.  Supervision will be assuring that unsafe practices will not be used in our operations.  Incentive programs will be implemented to encourage workers to use safe practices in the performance of their jobs.  Imports will also purchase and operate the latest equipment for not only higher production capabilities but also for safer conditions for employees as they accomplish the job tasks. 


The farm operations will focus on safe practices in body movement and decreasing repetitive motion injuries.  All climbing equipment such as ladders will have regular safety inspections and unsafe equipment will be retired.  New machinery that will eliminate hazardous jobs will be employed.


Of course all of the measures outlined above are not only to promote safety and reduce injuries; it is also to improve the quality of our products and to improve a stable quantity of product.  The core vision of our operations is to have “End-to-End” control of our product.  This results in the consistent supply of the highest quality product on a reliable delivery schedule to our customers and partners. 


When our employees win, we win!


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