Cedar City, UT– July 1, 2008 It was announced today that Imports Unlimited, LLC, a Southwest Utah based company, has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Pulpas y Pulpas de Colombia, SA.  Imports Unlimited has represented fruit pulp and juice producers for US distribution and completed an exclusive worldwide representation agreement in January. 


According to Sylvan Malis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Imports Unlimited, “the Joint Venture Agreement between Imports Unlimited, LLC and Dr. Jose G. Barney M., Managing Director of Pulpas y Pulpas de Colombia, SA, provides for Imports Unlimited to manage and operate the new fruit pulp and juice production company.  Both companies will share start-up responsibilities in the new company.” 


Mr. Malis said, “The new company, Colombia-United States Fruit Products, LLC (CO-US Fruit Products), will build new production plants in several South and Central American countries.  The company will have primary plant operations in Belize and Colombia.”


DALK, a private agency licensed by the Russian government, is the first major customer for the Joint Venture.  DALK will import fruit products and distribute them throughout the entire Russian Federation and all of the CIS countries.  DALK has also negotiated options for distribution in China and Europe.  With the Russian contract, the Joint Venture’s total revenues could reach an annual $100 million within the first two to three years.


Mr. Malis stated, “We are implementing an ‘End-to-End’ product control process with the new company.  Through the ‘End-to-End’ control we will have consistent fruit supply to maintain on-time deliveries to our customers and at the same time high quality products.”  The new company will own or lease the fruit orchards and control the production of the farms.  The company will build fruit processing plants close to the nearest shipping ports for the export of the packaged products directly to the distributors.


The fruit is processed by pulping the fruit, and then further processing for the production of juice.  The fruit pulp and juice is then pasteurized and packaged in a sterile and sanitary environment.  Through other production techniques the products will have a minimum one-year shelf life without refrigeration or freezing.  The production lines have the capability of producing custom size and house-branded packaging for specific customer’s requirements and languages.


Mr. David Doddridge, Vice President of Compliance and Security for Imports Unlimited, indicated that Imports Unlimited would employ advanced computer systems for product accountability through the production, warehousing, transportation, and distribution operational processes.  He said, “We are planning to use global shipment tracking methods.  These methods will integrate with the supply, production, order processing, and financial data systems and allow us to reduce losses inherent with this type of business.”


The fruit products available at this time come from the Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Tangerine, Guava, Guanabana (Sour Sop,) Maracuya (Passion Fruit,) Papaya, Orange, Lulo, Tomato, and Curuba trees and plants.  New Products are planned for the future that will address the sports energy and health markets.


For more information about the products and the distribution of products, please contact Imports Unlimited at 1-435-313-9939 or fax at 1-801-508-2300.  Postal mail is: PO Box 3322, Cedar City, UT 84721.  Inquires for financial involvement and other opportunities should be e-mailed directly to Mr. Sylvan Malis at:


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