As in any commodity-based business, the biggest problem is to have a consistent supply of the commodity.  When a customer places an order the customer needs to be sure that the order will be fulfilled.


With fruit crops dependent on many factors, the human factor, or the producer of the fruit being the biggest, the supply of the fruit can vary widely.  It has been proven that good planning and management can not only even out the variables in the growing process but it can also increase the output and quality of the crop.


Imports Unlimited has embarked on a course that will help solve many of  the supply and quality problems with our Joint Venture Partner Pulpas y Pulpas de Colombia.  In conjunction with and through our new Joint Venture company CO-US Fruit Products, we will have the ability to buy or lease farm land and produce our own fruits, process the fruits in our own plants, and distribute the packaged product through our own distribution system.  This is the “End-to-End” control that will give our customers the confidence of knowing that they can count on their orders arriving On-time, Every-time.”


Our plans are to have farming operations not only in Colombia where our current facilities are located, but to also buy or lease farm land in Belize and Panama.  We are looking at other locations that are suitable to the individual fruit for optimum growing conditions.  Some of the other locations under consideration are Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Philippians, and others. 


Our primary focus will be operations in the Caribbean Basin.  This gives us the ability to consolidate the processing and packaging facilities and to also consolidate the shipping requirements of the various fruits to our various customers. 


After the consolidation of the Caribbean Basin we will then consider locations outside the Basin according to the demand for the individual fruit and the year-round production capabilities of the locations for that fruit.


Why are we concentrating on these regions?  It is because the soil there has not been “commercial-farmed” for years and years, if ever.  Most of the fruit farms in these regions are on soil that has been rainforest for thousands of years.


While it is sad that the rainforests have been cut down, this land is now available for farming and is full of nutrients and minerals.  With sustainable land-use programs, it has been proved that the rainforests can be revitalized and persevered.  It is land like this that healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, can come from and will continue to come from.  Man-kind can’t put back into the soil what “mother-nature” put into it and continues to put into it if left to natural processes.  


Imports Unlimited will be participating in the sustainable land-use programs and support the Rainforest Alliance goals through certification of our farms according to their guidelines.


These natural nutrients are what will keep people healthy.  Chemicals and other additives that commercial farming puts into the soil after the nutrients and minerals have been depleted will not keep people healthy. 


It is easy to see that each year there are more and more chronic illnesses and sickness.  It is also easy to see that a majority of our food sources are coming from commercial farms where the nutrients in the soil have been depleted. 


It is estimated that over 100 million people will die prematurely in the next 10-years because of chronic illnesses.  Many of these premature deaths could be prevented with good nutrition from foods and fruits that are grown in soils that are nutritionally enriched by “mother-nature” and free from the accepted chemicals of the commercialized farming industry.

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