The fruit comes in from the field by truck and is first inspected for general appearance and conformation.  Then a random sample of the load is taken to the lab where the fruit is subjected to several tests for sweetness, Ph, and other tests to see if the fruit meets the quality standard for processing.

After that the fruit is loaded into the front end of the processing line where it is washed and cleaned.  Through this washing cycle and then into the pulping machine, the fruit is continually checked by eye for blemished or other defects so that only the best of the fruit is then processed.

The outside peel or covering of the fruit is removed and the remainder of the fruit pulp meat is then put in a commercial blender and pureed.  It is then pasteurized and cooled.  At this point the pulp is once again tested for consistency and taste tested for acceptability.  There is also a lab sample that is processed for compliance to health and safety standards and the results are logged.  It then is piped to the packaging line.  The pouches are first printed with the labeling for Imports or Copulpas, or for the custom labeling for a customer.  Then the pouches are filled and sealed.  Within the filling line there are further processes that decrease the bacteria count in the fruit pulp and in the pouch preparation that give the filled and sealed pouch a 12-month shelf life.

The filled pouches are washed to remove any juices or contaminates prior to being put in cases.  The cases are then stacked on pallets to be loaded into shipping containers.

The fruit juice processing is the same up to the pasteurization of the pulp.  For juice the pulp is sent to a high speed commercial version of a blender and refined to a pure juice with no discernable particulate matter.  The juice is then sent back to the filling line and packaged the same as the pulp.

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