Future Operations

Imports Unlimited will be establishing plant operations as the managing partner for the Joint Venture company, CO-US Fruit Products, in partnership with Pulpas y Pulpas de Colombia. In this operation, personnel from Imports Unlimited will go to the South and Central America region to start the selection process for the purchase and/or leasing of land. This will be the beginning of the building of farming and fruit processing facilities for the eventual network of facilities for the Joint Venture Company.

The Joint Venture operations will give Imports Unlimited the necessary strength to guarantee consistent delivery of products to its customers. It also guarantees consistent quality of the products through the direct management of the growing and harvesting of the fruit. In this way we will have “End-to-End” quality process control.

Future Products

The Moringa Tree juice and health products from the fruit of this tree are truly amazing. We will introduce this as a fruit drink to the market in a very short period of time. We will grow the tree on our own farms and produce a delicious, refreshing drink that also has many health benefits.

Since it will grow anywhere, in arid soil just as well as good enriched soil, we can locate the production of the tree at any of our South and Central America farms. We will start harvesting in only 8 to 9 months after the initial planting of the tree and it will be a fully mature plant in less than two years so the introduction of the drink will be in a much shorter time frame than other fruits.

At this time we are looking at other products derived from this fruit so check back to find out what other natural health products we will have from the Moringa fruit and tree.


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