Imports Unlimited, LLC has a three level general marketing plan.  The use of Primary Distributor Partners (Distributorships) is the first and highest priority in the marketing of our products.  These Distributor Partners contract for exclusive marketing territories and have many incentives in their contracts for high volume product sales.


The next level is the Multi-Location Volume Partner.  This Partner does not have exclusive territories but still has many incentives in their contracts for high volume sales.  They usually will have their own branding and specific packaging sizes that are not available to any other marketing organization.


The third level of marketing is our in-house marketing to individual Dealer Partners.  This marketing does not require a contract and does not include any incentives other than a simple volume level discount on dealer pricing.  This marketing level, although it does not receive the contractual priorities as levels one and two, is probably the most important level of marketing for our operations.  We will concentrate a major portion of our marketing resources and efforts to our Dealer Partners.


The overall strategy of the marketing is to have the three levels marketing without any conflict between the different levels.  Through different labeling and packaging the products will flow into the marketplace transparently.  There may also be certain products that will only be available to one specific Partner or Partners in different territories.


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